Beautiful, modern websites for kiwi businesses

hop skip jump

Learn to build, update & maintain your own website with my small group ‘DIY Your Site’ courses.

At Hop Skip Jump I specialise in empowering kiwi businesses owners to DIY your own Shopify or WordPress websites. I give you the tools and confidence to create, update and maintain your site yourself. I run both one-on-one and (small) group training sessions all over NZ.

  • Is your website working as hard as it can for you?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Does it sell your business’s unique features?
  • Does it include functionality for today’s ‘I want it now’ consumers?
  • Is it secure, and well maintained?
  • Is it outdated, not secure and slow to load?
  • Do you simply just hate it?
  • Or do you not get have a website at all?